In all fields of its sector, it has the extensive information, experience and knowledge for following up and concluding the transactions of the companies. High professionalism and quick service line have always been in levels beyond the expectations. The satisfaction of the customers to whom we provide service has continously increased our service quality.

• Receipt of delivery orders.
• Collection of the import documents from your company. customs
• Determination of the customs tariff number.
• Registration of the customs declaration and following up the transactions.
• Delivery of the goods to the storerrom after finishing the transactions.
• Cost calculation
• Solutions for letter of guarantee

• Billing.
• Issue of customs declaration.
• Issue and certification at the chamber of commerce of ATR, EUR 1, certificate of orijin, etc. .
• Attestation and registration at the exporter unions.
• Following up the customs exit declaration.
• Closing of the customs declarations.
• Controlling of periods in temporary exits.
• Delivery of documents.

• Issue of transit declaration and bank approval.
• Transit foreign exchange transactions.
• Information transfer of internal and external transit legislations.

• DIIB transactions – permissions for supervising and quotas and following up of documents.
• Permissions and following up of the documents at the Ministry of Health - Ministri of Agriculture and Rural Affairs - Ministry of Industry.
• Permissions and following up of the documents at the TSE – Undersecretariat of Foreign Affairs – Undersecretariat of Customs Affairs.
• Permissions and following up of the documents of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security – General Directorate of Petroleum.
• Permissions and following up of the documents of Ministry of Foreign Affairsp.
• • All kinds of permissions, following up of documents and legislation supports which are required on laws, leislations, regulations and decrees.


DDU / EX-WORKS Charges

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