Sadotrans Logistics

Which is established on 2001; working with principles,and with the employees who always ready to fulfill customer needs, is always giving the right answers for the customers with export and import.

√ The company became in a short time, one of the most trusted company in Turkey, with its creative solutions for all tranportation problems.
√ All the information is given during all process of the shipments regularly to our customers.
√ In all parts of Turkey, we offer sea, air, truck and train services and apart from this we also offer, with our global agent network, tranportation from one part of the world to other.

To generate logistic solutions, with giving quick and the right answers, in all over the world, with our agents and partners.

Dynamicly to increase the number of our customers, partners and the countries that we work, in a globalised and always booming world. To get into new Networks nationally and globally.
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Customer satisfaction
Team Work
Importance to our staffs’ education
Cooperation with the related organisations
Harmony with tecnological development 


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