Ensure that your project cargo shipping services are efficient, reliable and profitable
In project cargo and heavy lift shipping, every piece of cargo and every project is different, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Your customers rely on you not only for your customized shipping and handling services, but for your project management skills.

Does your current planning process limit your ability to get project-critical cargo to its destination on time and within budget every time? Sadotrans intelligent planning technology gives you the speed and agility to handle the inevitable delays and disruptions along the supply chain. Real-time planning and optimization capabilities also mean you’re better equipped to take advantage of the spot cargo market.

Planners have a complete overview of all available and utilized assets, resource capabilities and constraints, and the option of optimizing all or parts of the plan. You define your service-delivery and customer-satisfaction targets; Sadotrans gives you the tools and the feedback you need to plan according to those targets. The benefits and costs of schedules are easy to visualize and compare, for example when exploring possible order combinations.

You’re able to handle strategic, tactical, and operational planning throughout the organization using one integrated platform. A global, synchronized planning system minimizes miscommunication between offices and subcontractors and reduces idle time for your vessels and workforce.



How can Quintiq maritime logistics planning software benefit my business?


Scenario planning;
Explore what-if scenarios to ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality from investment in new vessels to the temporary closing of a trade lane


Seamless integration;
Ensure the smooth, timely movement of cargo via air, land and sea


Equipment optimization;
Optimize planning of lifting and handling equipment and the specialized stevedores who operate them


Empowered planners;
Expedite the planning process, shifting the focus of your planners from making deductions and calculations to making optimal business decision


Trip optimization;
Assign and combine orders to minimize costs and empty runs


Real-time collaboration;
Enable all relevant parties to view plans in real time to anticipate and handle delays


Constraint optimization;
Handle planning of multiple partner and subcontractor activities, each with its own constraints and characteristics


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