Determined by the buyers and sellers of goods to the terminal point (this point may be a port or customs warehouse or factory, the buyer) paid by the seller charges the buyer's order to leave the drain. All customs procedures, costs, arising from the customs duties, taxes and charges paid by purchaser. Removed terms DAF, DES, and a term DDU have been met.

"DAT / terminal delivery" rule use, regardless of the nature of the transportation type. In other words, this rule, land, air, sea, rail and / or their state, including the use of a combination of a few are available.

Exporter (seller) to do all the operations required for the export of goods, preparing documents and go through to the destination country is obliged to provide transitions. All of these processes, costs and risk loads exporter (seller) is over. If the recipient does not have a destination terminal, the exporter (seller), he can determine the most appropriate terminal. The exporter (seller) is not the insurance obligation, the buyer wants to insure, the buyer sends the required information. Exporter (seller) is free to yaptırmakta insurance covering their own risks.

In order to prevent the possible emergence of disputes between buyer and seller from the start, using the rules of INCOTERMS, necessarily determines the place of the delivery point to be noted explicitly.

DAT clause, goods, provision of means of transport to discharge to the buyer at the destination (delivery) Even though mean, taking the place of the earlier klozunun DEQ, DEQ contrast, multimodal (for multi-vehicle) can be used. Transportation costs of goods designated location / terminal linked to the seller assumes the risk of harm.

Delivered in the form of the terminal; responsibilities;

Control, packaging and marking: Dealer,

Exit customs / license permits: Dealer,

Upload: Dealer,

Price: Dealer,

Insurance: Contracting by,

Unloading: Dealer,

Arrival Customs / Photo Permissions: Dealer reserved.

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