Unloading of goods to the place designated by the buyer and seller (a harbor wharf, customs, port, airport) is ready for evacuation orders to leave the receiver on the transport vehicle. All customs procedures, costs, arising from the customs duties, taxes and charges paid by purchaser.

DAP (Delivered at Place / designated place of delivery) is the term, such as DAT, regardless of mode of transport, particularly when using a combination of different types of transport can also be used. Contrary to the rule of DAT in this rule, the seller of the vehicle from the place of destination specified goods contrary to the drain and the carrier shall have no liability in respect of a contract or by deducting the goods. In addition, DAT rule, as in the delivery location to be determined in a way not to challenge the point disputes must be specified explicitly.

DAP clause, goods, provision of means of transport to discharge to the purchaser at a certain point (to be delivered), the culmination of previous DAF, DES, and DDU'nun has taken place.

Form of delivery at the designated locations; responsibilities;

Control, packaging and marking: Dealer,

Exit customs / license permits: Dealer,

Upload: Dealer,

Price: Dealer,

Insurance: Contracting by,

Unloading: Buyer,

Arrival Customs / Official Permissions: Optional.

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